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always under construction

welcome 2 my website ♪

this place constantly gets new updates, and will always get new content; forever a WIP if you will.

my name is richard, but i am also fine with the names rick or vivacul. i go by any pronouns, doesn't really matter to me.
i like making content whenever i can and often share things i made for my friends or my friends made for me, most of which is posted here or on my personal social media account. the content can vary from art to edits to maybe even music some day, i'm still learning a lot of new things so who knows what i could do?

all i ask is leave a note in my guestbook, come by every so often, and have a good time. bye and thank you!!

.+* Log *+.

hm,.... do i really need to update this section weekly? i mean, i dont really...have much of interesting life, i'd kind of be repeating myself or dumping a lot of mental unwellness onto here which i REALLY would not like since it would just kinda be out there. it's why i have a personal twitter account in the first place. i feel more uncomfortable in some of the communities i've been in because of [reasons undisclosed] but aside from that i've been meaning to get into Creepypastas again. they've always been my favorite genre of anything since i was little (though maybe it wasnt the best on my developing mind LOL) and i kinda of want to rewrite jeff the killer? but then again rewriting creepypastas is entirely against the point since jeff the killer is so INFAMOUSLY bad, although if i REALLY had to choose 1 creepypasta to rewrite it would be eyeless jack. the original story is alright but its way too short without enough scare factor.

song of the week - Grievous Lady -nothing is but what is not-