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cold stones

got recommended this horror show by my friend after finding it on some pirating site

me: hey found this show called 'cold stones' is it good
L: oohhh i LOVE cold stones its my favorite show
me: oh? should i try watching it or

so hearing that i of course went to watch episode 1 of cold stones, up to episode 4. all of them were relatively short, but then again it was also all in a dream so yknow *shrugs*

ep 1: a scraggly young man with long unkempt hair moves into a new town with an already uneasy feeling of the place. putting all his stuff in a storage unit for the time being, he meets a strange man with a straw hat and trenchcoat who tells him something i can't quite remember. the main character then goes to his house, an old run down rotten dark blue wood glorified shack of a place filled with must dust and god know what else. he also seems to find a young boy in his house, black shiny hair and a button up shirt. he tells the main character of how he died, that he ran into the street for his toy and ended up getting hit by a car, there was the man smiling at him. several switching shots are shown; a packed area full of boxes and junk as well as an obscured body with flies buzzing around it (assumed to be the boy), the strange man placing a large chunk of meat into a bucket, and the main character running off from the house.

ep 2: a photographer is taking pictures of a glistening and golden dining room. a woman approaches the photographer and tells him "nice photos, but dont look up". of course the photographer looks up, the scene done through a fisheye lens, and up there is a beautiful chandelier golden like the rest of the room. the photographer looks back at the woman, her body has been cut to bits with pieces missing though still stands upright.

ep 3: there are baby dolls made of bricks on the ground and a woman running to her apartment's door. there's another larger doll chasing her, and the brick baby dolls are beginning to crawl towards her. she's trying to get into her house but the keys wont fit.

dream end

haunted game

so i was playing conker's bad fur day on an emulator, though the game wasn't really conker's bad fur day of course it just had conker's model and was titled 'Conker's Bad Fur Day'. aside from that the game looked more like Mario 64, my player character (conker) had started out in an ice level filled with polar bears and a sheet of sm64 quality snow though the atmosphere was akin to Silent Hill being dark and foggy. i moved into a cave that was bright and wooden brown inside, something like a cabin. i spawned an NPC that was a rouge the bat model though when interacted with would give a green-cover book filled with pages of cheats like "spawn npc", "teleport", and... "halloween puzzle"? i pressed that and got; a pumpkin slide puzzle! ok! cool! i went back to the list and scrolled through more selecting the "despawn all enemies" cheat. leaving the cave, i found that all the polar bears had disappeared and decided to wander around the world some more. the areas i'd gone through were like this;

the arctic level, a snowy place with an icy cold river cracked open from ice with snow covering it, a large forest of pine trees edging the border, and riddled with caves in a large iceberg pillar.
a fleshy landscape of reddish-brown squishy material, you can almost make out faces in it. built of rocklike structures and mounds leading into a single small crevice in the wall nearing the end of it's deserted plane.
a dark green-hued cave, something like super mario 64's hazy maze cave. there are shadows on the floor where spiders were meant to fall and attack you, now just decals forever laid there not to be used again. there's a door at the end of the labyrinth of this cave.
an art gallery riddled with mazelike halls. there are dark obsidian statues, undefinible of what they are, as well as a gray marble floor and yellow walls. the place is dimly lit and quiet. there are only more halls as you traverse and they get tighter as you go along.

i'd gotten to the 3rd room of the art gallery, it's dark and quiet and there shouldn't be anything there. there SHOULDN'T be anything there, though i heard the sound of footsteps and keys jangling. i tried as much as a i could to close the emulator, clicking the exit button on the window, pausing the game, ejecting the game, none of it worked

dream end

D:30 ⛥ Y:2021

good morning, good day, whatever, i'm a bit worn out from a TON of things. i've been trying and failing to keep up with my schoolwork (so no updates as of recent), but i have gotten into a new (or i guess really old? was made in 2007) series thanks to ummi and i'm enjoying that a lot! i find when i get into a new series that i really really REALLY like and find NORMAL fans of the series i'm less desolate in my work, so thats good. nothing much else to note, end of log.

D:23 ⛥ Y:2021

i havent been making as much art as i'd like to, but i have been getting more into my favorite rhythm game game with good music! i've also heard of Not Into The Groove from Ummi, and god is it CRAZY!! i'd love to play it myself sometime when i get a better computer. aside from that, i do feel more at home here in neocities and making friends through here than any other place like twitter or instagram. i get hooked to social media sites, so i guess getting hooked to this one is better than either of those hellholes.

D:19 ⛥ Y:2021

march break is almost over, i still have overdue homework, and im actually going through my plans for a series! this break hasnt been too bad since i actually have my page as something i enjoy looking at + made some new friends... i dont really have much to say except talking more about double trouble, but most of it would be spoilers anyway so this is the end of this log.

D:14 ⛥ Y:2021

march break has officially started, and what are my plans for said break you ask? i know you didnt ask but i like thinking you asked because i love attention...but my plans for the break are to sort out the pages for this website, add some navigation menus to subpages, get work done on my rpgmaker game + make some ACTUALLY good looking concepts aside from my whole sketch page, do this one idea about this guy and his clone since NO ONE has ever gone far into what it actually means to have a clone except vocaloid songs, and then proceed to not do any of that because im sad and lazy (code for "has unmedicated mental illness")

D:09 ⛥ Y:2021

this has been a weird week... everything's felt off, my mind's a bit hazy, and i'm more tired than usual despite it being hard to fall asleep at night for reasons i dont know. i think it's been okay otherwise, but there's something bugging me lately and i dont remember what... strange overall,but i hope you guys are having an okay weekend despite it. i made some more art this week, but i need to make more pages first to put it all

D:01 ⛥ Y:2021

first log - i've been a bit more productive with my website than i was before, but i still need to up my game. since school's started and i don't have access to any other "for fun" sites except twitter or spotify, i've found myself more focused on this site. i've also been creating concepts for an rpgmaker game, which i plan to make a page for as well! lots of characters, areas, etc. please look forward to it.

D:26 ⛥ Y:2021

hm,.... do i really need to update this section weekly? i mean, i dont really...have much of interesting life, i'd kind of be repeating myself or dumping a lot of mental unwellness onto here which i REALLY would not like since it would just kinda be out there. it's why i have a personal twitter account in the first place. i feel more uncomfortable in some of the communities i've been in because of [reasons undisclosed] but aside from that i've been meaning to get into Creepypastas again. they've always been my favorite genre of anything since i was little (though maybe it wasnt the best on my developing mind LOL) and i kinda of want to rewrite jeff the killer? but then again rewriting creepypastas is entirely against the point since jeff the killer is so INFAMOUSLY bad, although if i REALLY had to choose 1 creepypasta to rewrite it would be eyeless jack. the original story is alright but its way too short without enough scare factor.

D:19 ⛥ Y:2021

GAHH I FORGOT I HAD THIS SECTION... anyway hi everyone im back, kind of, i dunno i'll see if school is merciful to me this time around. aside from that i've been spending the past week doing 1 of 3 things; looking for a 'GERMS: Nerawareta Machi' english translation + rom (by the way if you ever find it dm me on discord @vivacul#4735), trying to get people to commission me for steam games, and watching madness combat. i don't have a particularly interesing life if you couldn't tell but i'm content with it, plus i've been getting more into rabbit holes and strange things like that whether theyre fictional or not (like haunted game creepypastas or government experiments).

D:06 ⛥ Y:2021

hello, i'm still not updating this site for a while but i DO have ideas for it, i want to fix up some of the other pages like the art section or links. aside from that, i've been working on my comic more! yes i HAVEN'T dropped that project, neither have i dropped the rpgmaker project but it's more of a thing i work on for comfort rather than actively make things for all the time, though i have made some concepts i need to add. aside from that i'm making progress on my comic and i plan to start drawing up the first comic! i won't set a deadline since i know i'll never meet it (maybe gives you an idea of how well i do in class), so don't expect it anytime soon if you're interested.

D:16 ⛥ Y:2021

finally completed the records page so i can make a new entry in this's felt like such a long week and has been, to be completely honest, pretty bad! although i don't really wanna get into specifics since its more personal life issues. some good things have happened though, june's finally followed my twitter and with that i'd say we've become quick friends. i've also completely wiped my hollow knight save and been replaying it, i had no idea how much i've forgotten from the game but it makes it much more refreshing and fun to play it since it's like im doing it for the first time. i've been meaning to get on my homework as well, but considering it's ME doing it i might even fail, so i should REALLY get on that. i'm not really sure what the best motivator for doing work is though... hell, it sometimes takes me a while to even get enough energy to even do this website despite the fact i love coding it all.

D:09 ⛥ Y:2021

new site layout! decided i needed to freshen up the site layout since the last one seemed a bit bland to me and all that, so new site. TRUST ME it looks bad now but it'll look WAY better when i fix it up. i'll redo some other site pages too to make them easier to navigate + less bland + have a corresponding theme + whatever the hell else to make it all look better. i've figured out a lot more since i first made those pages so i think it would be right to give them a fresh coat of paint. our province has also been put back into lockdown, so more time on the internet (yaaaay!) but also i procrastinate more (nooooo!) so you know, who knows what sort of hole i'll dig myself into. i've also gotten a bit more back into art and tried to do some other styles like paintings or some mspaint shit. hopefully things'll work out in the end i guess

D:22 ⛥ Y:2021

oh my god how long has it been since i last did a journal? i kind of like pushed it off since i didnt feel like it and i had to finish school which i probably failed a lot of classes in so its like oh well but still i didnt write ANYTHING??? even though i did a lot of stuff... ummmm what to catch up on... ok so i started watching bojack horseman and im almost done with the series as i'm on season 6 as of writing this as well as began adventure time plus started AND finished moral orel in one week (wouldn't recommend that show to anyone it aged worse than a bucket of milk at sea) plus got winamp and now i rely on it everyday simply because i love it to bits so all that's done. so you knoowww not much has been going on aside from that, but maybe i'll add stuff to my site now that summer's started? maybe not because also it's summer and i can do whatever the hell i want now because of it plus steam sale's coming up and i just added 20 bucks to my steam account so you know i'll be getting like 14 games if i dont blow it all on DDLC+ which i might not even get since i can barely even get motivated to play higurashi when they cry. i really want anodyne 1 and 2 though.